PTA Global was birthed out of a glaring need present in our industry – to address the real challenges the industry faces on a daily basis… Challenges like membership and trainer attrition, sustainable revenue, and better client / member experiences.

Industry education has traditionally focused on the human body, physical needs, exercise sciences, sales strategies, and telling the client / member what we thought they should do.

What the industry greatly lacked was an understanding of the behavioral sciences and focus on the human being. It had failed to address the mental and emotional aspects of people and how vitally important it is for a client / member to be heard and accommodated rather than poked and prodded.

PTA Global was formed in 2008 and launched in 2009. While this may seem to be a very young company, it was decades in the making as the founding members have hundreds of collective years of industry experience seeing what was working and was not.

The PTA Global founding team informally interviewed hundreds of club owners, operators, managers, directors, and trainers – new, old, in and out of the industry.

From this aggregated information, we developed our patented Systems, Sciences, and Tools™ to provide practically proven, scientifically validated solutions to address what the industry told us its challenges and needs were. We listened, heard, and accommodated.

PTA Global stands for Personal Training Academy Global and it is within this name that our ‘personage’ surfaces.

By defining our terms – a theme, habit and philosophy of ours – we believe information can be transferred more effectively and result in true communication. Let's start by defining each term in our name and see what unfolds…

Personal – Concerning a particular person and his or her private business, interests, or activities; intimate

Training – the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency through practice and instruction

Academy – a society of learned persons organized to advance art, science, or literature

GlobalWorldwide; Comprehensive

PTA Global = Intimate process organized to advance worldwide

True to our name, PTA Global is establishing and promoting an intimate process focused on bringing you, via a society of learned persons, to a new level that is organized to advance our industry on a comprehensive worldwide scale. Call it “common-unity” if you will.

We claim to be the “Leader in Professional Fitness Development” by way of our tagline, but this should mean absolutely nothing to you until you first understand the above paragraph. Now that you know this, what does being a “Leader in Professional Fitness Development” actually mean?

When looking at definitions of ‘leader’ you will quickly see the theme is that of someone in ‘control’ or ‘command’ or who is the ‘head’ of a movement or group. You may also see the definitions that use the terms ‘guide’ or ‘director’. All in all, the underlying message is often one of a person who is ‘the boss’.

This may all be well and true to an extent, however, at PTA Global we view a leader as someone who is capable of drawing out in others through encouragement and servitude what others have not, or cannot out of themselves. In other words, leaders are able to achieve goals and inspire others to do so along the way.

We believe a true leader is one who serves others by providing guidance and a means to derive practical solutions for the challenges they face. In order to genuinely accomplish this task, a leader must have served and fought in the same battles.

PTA Global is a society of learned persons who have extensive experience as owners, operators, managers, trainers, educators, inventors and enthusiasts just like you.

We know the challenges you have and will face. We know the pitfalls that can and will come. We have seen and survived the real world issues and come out on the other side with practically proven solutions that we are seeing revolutionize the industry worldwide.

(For more on our definition and defining characteristics of a leader, and how our education specifically maps to these characteristics to make leaders, please see the “Why we exist’ section)

The term ‘professional’ is defined as relating to, or characteristic of a profession or career; having or showing great skill; expert.

We firmly believe that our industry needs to affirm to you that there is a viable career awaiting you. PTA Global will ‘lead’ – encourage and serve you – by providing viable practically proven, scientifically validated solutions and guidance to overcome your challenges so you can begin, sustain, and grow as a skilled expert in a true occupation.

A play on words here… “fitness” relates to the self-imposed name of the industry in which we operate, but it also means ‘suitability’ and/or ‘appropriateness’.

PTA global is leading you with appropriate skilled and expert leadership to meet you where you need to be met in order to do what you need to do.

Defined as the process of growing or progressing.

Isn’t that what this is all about? Avoiding stagnation and growing your career, business and the industry…?

As the “Leader in Professional Fitness Development”, PTA Global is unique because we boldly proclaim to encourage and serve you, providing real-world, practically proven, battle tested solutions to enhance your skill sets and expertise that are appropriate for this industry to ensure your continual growth and progression.

PTA Global exists to DEVELOP world-class LEADERS.

HOW we do that is through our practically proven, scientifically validated solutions – we call Systems, Sciences, and Tools™.

WHAT we do is make the complex simple.

You'll notice that PTA Global does not exist to develop education. Rather we use education as a vehicle to practically and simplistically address challenges and develop leaders. If we were just about developing cool education than there is really no sense in having another company doing what’s already being done.

We're in this for a much bigger purpose!

So, what exactly does “developing world-class leaders” mean? And, if this is true, how does PTA Global do it?

Well, we first need to define what a “leader” is and what characteristics are pervasive in leaders.

While no one definition for “leader” exists, many top organizations such as Forbes and Business News Daily subscribe to the belief that a leader provides social influence that maximizes the efforts of others toward the achievement of a goal.

With that working definition, let's show you how we have mapped the PTA Global education to not only address industry challenges, but to also develop leaders.

Forbes, University of Oregon, Business News Daily, and numerous other organizations have lists of the top characteristics found in leaders. We have compiled the most common characteristics across the board and listed them below.

#1 – Communication
Interestingly enough, communication was the #1 pang reported by industry owners, operators, managers and directors when polled by PTA Global concerning their Personal Training departments. They believed that their Fitness Professionals were not well versed in communication skills.

This became the foundation of PTA Global education from day 1. We were the first company in the industry to have a member-centric behavioral change process as the foundation of all information by placing an emphasis on behavioral sciences and communication rather than solely on exercise science and programs.

Our content includes the following topics to address communication:

  • Behavior change
  • Motivational Interviewing / theory and practical application
  • Prospecting
  • Meeting & greeting people
  • First impressions
  • Building rapport
  • How to ask questions
  • Building a client base
  • Keys to long-term retention
  • Behavioral client screen
  • Behavior-based program design
  • Multisensory Communication

Beyond having these topics in our content, we have developed specific “Systems and Tools” that clubs, facilities, and Fitness Professionals can utilize to replicate and sustain appropriate communication skills.

And, to take it one step further than just having the education and providing the tools to be used, PTA Global also has a specific Mentorship process whereby Fitness Professionals can be mentored on how to effectively use all these tools on all types of clients.

#2 – Adaptability
Being able to adjust to the necessary demands on a moment-by-moment basis is paramount for the success and growth of a Fitness Professional, club or facility's business.

Because we built our education to center on the person – client / member – we do not have a strict protocol that demands things to be done the same way every time. Rather we have provided education and tools to allow the Fitness Professional to adapt the person in front of them.

First, our content discusses 4 primary Social Styles as determined by Merrill and Reid – Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive. We specifically discuss how each style interacts in a social context and how to address them with “do's and don'ts” in a Fitness setting.

Second, we have built our client orientation process and programming strategies around a behavioral questionnaire (Program Design Questionnaire™ – PDQ™) using principles of behavior change and motivational interviewing techniques. The PDQ is designed to allow the client to discuss and illuminate a thier goal, preferred style of exercising (how they are comfortable moving and the types of exercises they would prefer to do), level of ability, and their motivating factors – what drives them.

This PDQ provides the Fitness professional with all of the necessary and immediate information to effectively adapt a programming strategy that is more suited to a client's preference rather than the Fitness Professional's. In other words, the Fitness Professional is now capable of delivering a much more personalized exercise experience to the client, which establishes a higher perceived value for the training service provided.

Third, we have also built a tool we call the Kaizen-6™, which is a “self-appraisal” for Fitness Professional's to use with each client. The Kaizen-6 allows a Fitness Professional to ask the client specific questions concerning how the client is enjoying the session and/or exercise program and if there is anything the client was hopping to do that the Fitness Professional has not yet done with or for the client.

This not only paves the way for healthy, honest communication but it allows the client to provide feedback to the Fitness Professional that can be immediately applied in the current and/or future training session. And it is this component that dramatically empowers both the Fitness Professional and client, leading to strengthened rapport and trust, and ultimately resigns and referrals!

#3 – Confidence
Confidence comes from knowing what to do and how to do it in a simple and systematic manner. Ironically, when PTA Global interviewed hundreds of Fitness Professionals around the world, their #1 pang was having to perform complex movement assessments that they were not comfortable performing due to not truly understanding functional anatomy AND THEN having to write a periodized program on the spot for a client when they were not truly comfortable with the concepts of periodization.

Then to top that off, the Fitness Professional didn't know how to overcome the client's ‘complaining’ (usually interpreted as being lazy) about having to do exercises they didn’t enjoy or feel comfortable doing.

To address these seemingly large barriers, we developed the PDQ – a behavioral screen – in favor of immediately implementing a movement screen. We also mapped the PDQ to our Program Design Tool that instantly provides 12-week periodized programs for all goals (Lean Body Mass, Sports Conditioning, Wellness, and Weight Loss), different preferred styles of training (Traditional, Hybrid, Progressive) and for different ability levels (Beg, Int, Adv).

Now the Fitness Professional, instead of feeling and looking anxious, can feel empowered and look like a genius! They ask 26 questions based on the Neuroscience of Motivational Interviewing and then immediately print out a 12-week periodized program for every client. With a few simple modifications to the program for each client based on a couple questions from the Kaizen-6, the client has become a raving fan of their Fitness Professional!

Why did we do this? Very simple! People buy on emotion when they are empowered with autonomy (asked questions) and they will stick with something they enjoy over something they are told is really good for them, but they don't enjoy.

In business this is called generating revenue. Give people what they want, package in what they need, and everybody wins. If you can get someone to show up more consistently, you can create a habit. People will show up for something that doesn’t threaten them and makes them feel good.

Once a habit is formed, the Fitness Professional has established value, trust, and rapport with the client. Then the client is much more willing to do whatever is necessary – but not until then.

#4 – Consistency
Consistency comes through dynamic systems that organize applicable information to allow each person and facility to be authentic yet purposeful. Our Systems, Sciences, and Tools™ were designed for such a reason – to deliver consistently great experiences whether it is an individual Fitness Professional or an organization with a team of Fitness Professionals (large or small).

#5 – Sense of Humor
While we cannot teach someone how to be funny, we can teach Fitness Professionals how to be fun! PTA Global was also the first to provide education that included “games” and “play” into training sessions. Remember, people will stick with things that are fun and that they enjoy. That goes for exercise as well.

PTA Global's vision is VISION!

Vision is defined as “the manner in which one sees or conceives of something” and “unusual competence in discernment or perception”.

Or, simply put, Intelligent Foresight. Intelligent Foresight is defined as follows:

to evoke within others the ability to vary their state or action in response to varying situations, varying requirements, and past experience, and apply that toward what will be needed in the future.


To passionately enhance the Health and Fitness Industry, creating success through enjoyment, education, and leadership for the facility, trainer, and client.

Core Values

Belief is seen through action and enables us to pursue possibilities. Without belief, there is no vision, no mission.

Belief fuels passion. Passion compels servitude. Servitude spawns significance.

Commitment empowers us with the ability to stand up and move toward our vision, even in the face of inevitable obstacles.

Operational Practices

Being team-oriented, relationship-based, and integrity-driven to work with others to develop what is better than what we could do alone

Sustained drive to proactively deliver practically interactive and personalized solutions

Common unity in focus with autonomy in delivery

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