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Katrina Lincoln, Level 3 PTA Global Personal Trainer qualification

“I would highly recommend PTA Global for anyone hoping to start their career as a PT. The course materials online were really easy to access and support was always at hand from the team if you needed it. Videos gave a great personal touch and made the material so much easier to understand. The days spent in the learning centre leading up to the exam and practical were really informative and interactive and set you up for the best possible chance of success!”

Leah Hollingsworth, Level 3 PTA Global Personal Trainer qualification

“I really enjoyed studying with PTA Global, especially the practical side of the workshop days, which incorporated extra information I can apply when I begin working with clients. The support throughout was great and I felt fully prepared going into the assessments. I also found the instructor inspiring and felt I learned a lot from her.”

Linda Hill, PTA Global Mentorship 1

“Wow, where do I start?

“Well, I suppose it's worth starting with the initial description of the course: a two-day, live-intensive experience. For all the reasons that it's important for our clients to have a positive experience, I also want that out of a live certification/event and Mentorship 1 totally delivered! You can ONLY get that education, clarity and freedom to adapt training to suit the client in such a fun and safe environment as the one created by the PTA Global team. Then for them to wrap it up on a live, interactive two-day experience just helped to solidify the foundations of my PT business and, more importantly, enhance my clients’ experience and results. To have the course delivered by Dan was a real treat; he kept it fun, interactive, respectful and nicely energised throughout.

“If you're on the course, you have already committed to being the best version of yourself that you can be as a personal trainer, so the room is full of great connections and like-minded, positive individuals. For any aspiring future leaders of our industry, Mentorship 1 is worth the time and financial investment when it comes to shaping your future.”

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